Commercial Decorative Window Tinting

Considering giving your building, storefront or windows a fresh new look? Commercial decorative window tinting is a fabulous yet practical way to brighten up a storefront. It will cut the glare in your office and give an artistic flair to that boring glass wall that separates clients from employees. And not only is it affordable, but it has health-saving and money-saving benefits as well.

Benefits of Decorative Window Tinting

Why get commercial decorative window tinting? It does everything that commercial window tinting does, but also adds a touch of beauty and character. With decorative window tinting, you can choose mirrored windows for privacy or modern designs or patterns to brighten up an office space. You can also add your name and logo to entice customers. Not only does it bring in customers and delight their senses, but it has many practical uses as well.

Adds Style and Elegance

Commercial decorative window tinting will make your business stand out. It can be something as simple as adding a few bright flowers for a pop of color, yet allowing transparency, or as sophisticated as placing your name and logo on your storefront for an exclusive advertisement. Meaningful dialogue on glass partitions makes for a trendy, modern look that inspires.

Affords Privacy

Decorative window tinting can give you a state-of-the-art appearance. Put a few etched stripes across an office window for polished privacy. Or add mirrored windows outside to block out prying eyes. Whole walls of opaque frost, colors, or patterns afford complete privacy inside.

Blocks the Sun

The sun in Las Vegas can be very bright and very hot. Commercial decorative window tinting provides 99% UV protection and cuts glare, yet still lets in natural light. It also blocks 20% of heat, keeping you and your clients cool and saving money on energy bills.

Provides Protection

Decorative window tinting can add color and style, yet, still works hard to filter the sun. It protects art, furniture, paint, and floors from fading under the sun’s harmful UV rays. Decorative window tint protects people’s skin as well.

Types of Decorative Tinting

At Total Eclipse, we offer a large variety of decorative tints to suit your style, budget and business needs. These include fun and festive designs for the holidays and celebrations, like snowflakes and flowers — perfect to brighten up your business inside and out!

Some of the types of decorative window tint we provide include:

  • Holiday designs
  • Glasslike films
  • Frosted window tint
  • Exterior films
  • Colored films
  • Casper cloaking film

Commercial Decorative Window Tinting in Las Vegas

Whether you prefer static cling film or more permanent solutions, we can help you grow your business and protect it from the sun while giving you a contemporary look. All this and more is possible with commercial decorative window tinting. Don’t forget fun, festive designs to enhance holidays and celebrations! Total Eclipse is a family-owned and operated window tinting company with over 23 years of experience in Las Vegas. We’re so confident in our product that we offer lifetime warranties! If you’re ready to update and beautify the environment in your commercial buildings, contact our tinting professionals today.