commercial window tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Will Save You Time and Money

Running a business can quickly become a costly affair. With unforeseen expenses lurking around every corner, creating a workplace that is efficient and economical can be a great foundation to build from. An often-overlooked element, the sun’s rays are intense and can be quite damaging to both your equipment and your budget. Commercial window tinting can be a great way to save money, time, and worry while adding a great new look to an existing space. While living in the Southwest can get hot, a local Nevada window tint professional will be able to help you tackle one of our greatest challenges.

Decreased Cooling Costs

As radiant heat from the sun passes through your windows, it works to raise the temperature of everything it touches. To compensate for this increase in temperature, your cooling system must work harder and use more energy. A professional window tint application reduces the amount of radiant energy that enters your workplace. This helps to reduce the strain on existing heating and cooling systems that can drive utility prices through the roof. With a reduced workload and a lower energy bill, you’re able to free up valuable resources to tackle additional projects.

Decreased Maintenance

The heat from the sun can send your HVAC system into overdrive. Just like your car or truck, a cooling system that must work harder will also need to be maintained more often. Parts wear out from increased use and cleanings will need to be scheduled on a frequent basis. Professional window tint applications reduce the strain on your system and help to reduce the number of costly repairs.

UV Protection

The sun’s rays not only carry heat, but they also transmit ultraviolet radiation. Harmful UV rays can work silently to degrade your equipment, crack valuable furnishings, and fade and damage valuable pieces of art. Tinting works to reduce these harmful rays by limiting the amount of radiation that can pass freely through the window. This means you’ll need to care for and replace those valued office furnishings less frequently, allowing you to reduce long-term budgets while staying safe in the hot Nevada sun.

Increased Privacy and Security

While you may not realize an immediate financial benefit with regards to privacy and security, the long-term payoffs cannot be ignored. Your employees and clientele alike will appreciate the added sense of privacy window tinting provides. Criminals often peer through windows to make an appraisal of value before the theft. Making it far more difficult to see into your business, a dark tint will keep your valuable items safe, secure, and out of sight.

Total Eclipse of Nevada has made a name for ourselves as the experts in Nevada window tint. If you’re interested in reducing overhead or just finding out more about the process, contact us here. With a reputation you can rely on and results you can trust, Total Eclipse is ready to help make the day just a bit cooler for everyone.