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Decorative Window Film

decorative window tint

Whether you need improved tinting for your vehicle or want to enhance the look of your business property while reducing building costs, 3M Ceramic Window Tint is your best option. There are many benefits to ceramic window tint, including reduced energy costs, improved aesthetic appeal of your business and efficient temperature regulation. Find out how 3M Ceramic Window Tinting works and how it can prolong the life of your property or vehicle.

What is Ceramic Window Tint?

3M Ceramic Window Tint is a non-metallized window film made up of super fine ceramics that are invisible to the eye. Other tinting options tend to corrode, bubble up, change hues or begin peeling. Ceramic window tinting does not experience these same issues. It outshines other tinting options with its extensive lifetime and enhanced quality of visibility.

More Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

There are so many positives to implementing this type of tint to your windows. It is a highly sought after material because it solves more than a couple of problems, and it looks great doing it.

Here some the main 3M Ceramic Window Tint benefits:

  • It is known for its durability and long-lasting capabilities.
  • It reduces heat levels in buildings and cars by rejecting 59 percent of solar energy.
  • It is a clear film, so visibility is not impacted.
  • It does not interfere with wireless, bluetooth, or satellite signals.
  • It blocks close to 100 percent of ultraviolet light, which equates to an SPF of 800+; so it can help to prevent skin cancer.
  • Ceramic window tint film for cars lessens the intensity of blinding glares by 60 percent, which is especially handy while driving.
  • Ceramic window tint film in business properties helps to decrease overall energy costs thanks to ability to reduce temperatures naturally.

Why Ceramic Window Tint is Worth the Investment

Las Vegas is no stranger to extreme temperatures and intense blazing sunlight, so these protections are vital in extending the life of your vehicle, furniture and property. With at least three months every year showing temperatures in the hundreds, you can imagine how important it is to use an effective shield that protects against the sun’s damaging power.

Contact us at Total Eclipse to discuss ceramic window tinting options for your vehicle or business property. Our team is happy to go through process details and product options so you can make the best decision possible. We pride ourselves in offering the best ceramic window tint in the Las Vegas area.

Decorative Window Films at Total Eclipse

Owning a business in Las Vegas comes with an inherent pressure to stand out amongst the energetic vibrancy the city offers. One way to do this is to add decorative window film to the customer-facing surfaces in your business. At Total Eclipse, we offer many unique decorative film options that will add personality to the exterior and interior of your building. Choose from varying transparencies, designs, and styles matching your final selections to your business culture and overall brand. Our team works to ensure that decorative film installation is swift and as non-invasive as possible, so your business can continue running as usual.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Adding decorative window film does much more than enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building. It filters and diffuses light, creates privacy, shields areas that may be unattractive to visitors, and improves the overall look and feel of the business environment.

Additionally, it can save you a great deal of money. Although natural sunlight can reduce electricity consumption for lighting, a business owner can find themselves spending just as much or more on the air conditioning required to cool down a building that is blasted with sunlight all day. Decorative window film eliminates the excessive heat that accumulates from constant sunlight entering a given window. It can defend a building from up to 83% of the sun’s heat. Your business tenants, employees, and customers will be thankful for a comfortable climate in an attractive ambiance.

Are Decorative Window Films Right For You?

If you are looking to add an extra touch of class and aesthetic appeal to your business property, decorative window films are a great option to consider. Not only are they attractive, but they can also serve as privacy windows by naturally creating a sense of security for employees and customers alike. This is ideal for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other areas that require an air of focus and attention.

Get More Details Today

Contact us at Total Eclipse to discuss our selection of decorative film for windows. Whether you want patterns, textures, cutouts, or gradients, we can customize the decorative film, so it fits your vision. Our team is prepared to answer any inquiries you have regarding the installation of decorative window film for your business property. Before any agreements are made, we ensure you are well informed about process, details, and product options so you can make the best decision possible. At Total Eclipse, we offer the best custom decorative window film in the Las Vegas area.