How Much Does House Window Tinting Cost?

Tinting the windows in your home sounds like a big decision that requires a serious investment. However, for most households, it is not only one of the most economical home upgrades, but it also results in savings in your home that add up quickly over time. Window tint in a home located in Las Vegas is an especially good idea because of the desert climate. Windows let in lots of heat, even when you use blinds, curtains, or drapes. The sun can also shine through your windows onto furniture and cause it to fade. Tinting solves both of these problems while allowing you to have natural light in your home for an amazing value.

Pricing Procedures – Per Square Foot 

Tinting is a relatively simple process that does not require costly materials. The main determiner of the cost of this service is the number of windows you wish to tint and how big they are. Since the amount of window space varies from one building to another, house window tinting costs are based on the square footage of the glass which needs to be covered. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from five to eight dollars per square foot for the windows of your residence.

The national average cost to tint residential windows is $573, but the average range is closer to $400 on the lower end and $650 on the higher end. Of course, in a home with large glass doors or walls made completely out of glass, tinting may reach or exceed the higher average because there is a lot more space to cover than in a traditional home with two to six windows in the living space and one in each bedroom.

Exceptions to the Averages 

Naturally, a larger home with larger and more numerous windows will cost more to tint. However, there are other factors that may impact the price of the project and cause it to fall outside the averages. At Total Eclipse, we offer different kinds of tints that lend themselves to more privacy and others that have a more decorative purpose.

Choosing to use a frosted tint, one with a decorative pattern, or simply solid colors will affect the price per square foot for the service, which in turn changes the price of the project as a whole. If you wish to achieve a very specific style with the tint, you may want to prepare yourself to have a more generous budget than if you wanted a basic tinting service.

Is Home Window Tinting Worth the Cost? 

If you are hesitant to spend a few hundred dollars to tint the windows in your home, consider the long-term benefits of the service. Because tinted windows block UV rays from the sun, your belongings in your home are protected from fading and warping. This allows them to last longer, which helps you reduce spending on items for home decor. Tinted windows also block out heat, which helps your air conditioning system to work more efficiently, which saves you money on your electric bill. In short, the investment required for this service is paid back in savings.

Total Eclipse, Your Las Vegas Tinting Experts

At Total Eclipse, we bring more than 15 years of experience to our tinting projects. With options for residential, commercial, and automobile tinting, there is not a single window we can’t tint for you. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote for your home’s window tint.