Residential Window Tinting

3M™ residential window tint film protects your interiors, adds privacy, and improves the comfort and safety of your home.

House window tinting with 3M™ Window Films can make any house a more comfortable place to be all year-round. Discover how Total Eclipse experts can help you find the right window tint for you and your home.



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Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Energy Efficient

Less light getting in means less heat and lower costs for cooling!


Obscures views from outside, boosting privacy AND security.

UV Ray Deflection

Deflects up to 99% of UV rays – protecting your family against skin damage.

Sun Protection

Guards against sun damage and interior fading.


Protects against broken glass caused by weather or accidents.


3M™ Night Vision Window Films

3M™ Night Vision Window Films, you get the exceptional performance of a reflective film while still being able to look through the film at night.

Traditional metalized films reflect equally both inside and outside, becoming mirror-like at night. The Night Vision line reflects more to the outside of your house, where you need it, and less to the inside, where you do not need it.

3M™ Sun Control Films

3M™ Sun Control Films have a thin adhesive for optimum clarity, and a microlayer of metal evenly coated on the film to reflect the infrared solar radiation.

Their main task is to help reduce the amount of heat coming into a building through the windows. They help reduce harsh Las Vegas sun damage, glare, can improve the aesthetics of the building, and offer different levels of privacy depending on the product chosen.

3M™ Prestige Window Films

3M™ Prestige Window Films, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class window film while leaving the beauty of your windows virtually unchanged. Because of 3M.

3M™ Prestige Window Films use no metals, they are not susceptible to corrosion in coastal environments and do not interfere with mobile phone reception. Other films that reject heat tend to have high reflectivity, but not Prestige.


If you’re ready to take charge of the environment in your business, home, and car, contact Total Eclipse. With more than 15 years of experience, this family business can handle all your tinting needs and help you decide what’s best for your property.