Residential Solar Window Tinting

Your windows are the biggest source of natural light and heat into your home – and when you’re managing your electric bill and your comfort inside it should be the first thing on your mind when looking to upgrade. Getting window tinting done for your home is a simple process, and the benefits you can expect to see from the process makes it worth the cost right off the bat.

The harsh desert sun is something that everyone has to plan around, and without adequate protection, you’re going to deal with a lot of unwanted hassles, inflated electrical bills, and a litany of other problems. To run it all down simply, though, tinted windows can directly help you in a number of ways.
residential solar window tint

Lower Energy Bills

The Sun floods into your home and does what it’s done for billions upon billions of years – heats everything up. As the sun spends its energy heating our homes, we have to spend our own, much less free energy to level it back out. When you invest in window tinting, though, you immediately have a permanent and passive form of saving you money on your monthly power bills. Absolute win.

Cooler Home Environment

When you have to spend less on your power bill, you can afford to keep your house that much cooler during those long summer months. It’s one of those small luxuries you can come to appreciate after a day out in the sun, for sure. There’s only so much that actively cooling your house can do, but with your windows treated you can ensure comfortability all across the board.

Reduce or Prevent UV Damage

Furniture, rugs, upholstery, flooring – all of them are absolutely essential to bringing together the look of your home. There’s nothing worse than having the natural light streaming in slowly destroy it with time. Leather starts to crack and shrivel, colors fade, and once-pristine living rooms start to look old and drab. With the right amount of tinting on your windows, though, you can keep out those nasty UV rays and keep your interior looking brighter, longer!

Easy On Your Eyes and Skin

Ultraviolet radiation is, to put it simply, not very good for you with extended exposure. If you like working or relaxing in a well-lit room, it might be a familiar feeling that you feel like you’re starting to get a sunburn simply sitting next to the window! On top of that, while the natural light may look great it can definitely take its toll on your sight in the long run.

Security For Your Home

Windows are meant to be seen through, but it’s easy to understand wanting that benefit to only work from the inside out. You’d hardly think of window tint as being useful in the dark hours of the morning at first. However, to anybody trying to look through your windows into your dark, unoccupied rooms in the dead of night, that window tint will be just another layer of security!

Total Eclipse Can Do It All

Whatever your needs are for window tinting in your home, Total Eclipse will be here to help! Our services are quick, easy, and tailored to your specifications to make the whole process a breeze! Get started on a major improvement to your home for a very minor cost – contact us today!