Residential Turf Guard Window Tinting

Energy-efficient windows are the best way to keep the inside of your home cool. But what you didn’t know is that while this screen film is reflecting the sun away from your home, it then projects onto your turf causing it to burn or melt. Yes, the sun is that strong!

Advantages of Turf Guard Window Films

Heat Reduction

Homeowners typically use window films to keep their homes cool. They don’t think about the damage that can happen to their artificial grass. The turf guard film absorbs the heat and will lower the temperature of your artificial turf.

Diminishes Reflection

Reflection happens when light bounces off an object. When light bounces off windows it transfers heat. The sun rays are melting the turf using the reflection off the window. In using turf guard films, they are perforated and will reduce reflection.

Prevents Discoloration

Discoloration happens when there is an internal reaction causing the color to change. You may be able to tell that your artificial grass is melting because it is discolored. Using turf guard films on your windows will help preserve your turf’s vibrant color.

Prevents Shrinkage

Turf will begin to shrink if it takes in too much heat. Perforated, turf guard window tints reduce the amount of heat your turf soaks up.

turf guard residential window tinting


Screen Film

This is the most common style because it does not block visibility. The screen resembles a bug screen and is available in white silver and black. The silver is the most popular because it tends to blend in more.

Matte Frost

This film blocks visibility when looking in and out of a window. This film provides total privacy, heat reduction, UV protection, and glare reduction. Although you may not be able to see in and out of your window clearly, it still allows up to 73 percent of natural light into your home.

Total Eclipse Tint

At Total Eclipse, our knowledgeable professionals are here to help protect your home and turf without taking away any benefits your windows offer. We will provide you with several options and answer any questions you have about installation. Contact us today to get started on protecting your turf!