Security Film

Whether it is your business, your home, or your automobile, windows are not only a necessity, but they also improve our quality of life and provide a protected view of the world outside. However, by nature, windows also add a level of weakness to the structural integrity in Las Vegas or wherever they might be installed.

If you are looking to combat the weak aspects of glass, while augmenting its positive attributes, look to security window film as an exciting and easy solution that is available to everyone.

How Tempered Glass Compares to Security Film

Not all glass breaks in the same manner, with tempered glass shattering into small pieces and untempered glass breaking into dangerous shards. Though tempered glass is considered safer, all broken glass is a danger, and it is a worthwhile effort to avoid breakage in the first place.

Once applied to the window, security film adds additional strength to the glass and prevents broken glass from falling to the ground or flying through the air, due to circumstances like:

  • Storms – High winds can be strong enough to break the glass on their own, and they can also carry loose debris that can crash into windows.
  • Earthquakes – Areas that experience frequent earthquakes know that their windows are at risk every time the ground trembles and objects get tossed around.
  • Fire – When a fire breaks out inside of a building, there is an incredible amount of pressure that builds up, causing windows to explode and cause further harm.
  • Crime – It does not take much for a criminal to break ordinary glass, grab the valuables in the store window or inside your home, and never be seen again.
  • Violence – Violence is a reality for many building owners and residents, with bullets going through the windows of home and vehicles.

Stronger glass may not be able to withstand all of these obstacles, but at least it will not add to the unsafe conditions that may be the result.

Safety Benefits from Having Security Tinted Windows

In general, security film is clear and does not provide any level of privacy. However, to create a more private setting, you can add black tinting to the film, and establish an atmosphere of increased security and seclusion.

  • Of course, there are more serious reasons to opt for tinting. By blocking UV rays, black tinting can reduce:
  • Skin cancer exposure
  • Damage to furniture and rugs 
  • Deterioration of the interior of a vehicle
  • Stress on eyes from glare
  • Air-conditioning costs

To provide these levels of safety for your health, environment, and structures, contact Total Eclipse window tinting in Las Vegas and learn about the incredible benefits safety film and tinting can provide you today.