The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Tinting

The chance of being a victim of property crime in Las Vegas is 1 in 34. With Las Vegas’s burglary and theft rates at nearly double the national average, it is more important than ever to provide security and protection for your home, family, building, business, belongings, and private/sensitive information.

Total Eclipse can install SolarGard Armorcoat and 3M Ultra Safety and Security films with confidence that you are protected.

A window is a more than a viewpoint; it’s an access point, too. This means that even the most durable windows remain a real vulnerability to dwellings and the people that occupy them. In addition to the possibility of theft, there is also the potential damage and injury caused by accidents, hazards, and UV rays.

Safety and Security Film offers a way for businesses and homeowners to combat these possible threats by reinforcing windows with strong, heavy-duty polyester. With a resilient adhesive that bonds the film to the window’s surface, security film protects against break-ins, smash and grabs as well as natural disasters and vandalism.

Beyond maintaining the beauty brought by your property’s windows, security film offers a wide range of additional benefits:

  • Allows natural light in while minimizing glare – a significant source of eye strain. 
  • Averts theft opportunities, especially from smash-and-grab practitioners. 
  • Decreases the potential for injury or damage caused by broken glass in a potential blast.
  • Increases resistance to shattering by securing glass fragments together on the adhesive of the film. 
  • Lessens air conditioning and energy costs during the summer months by reflecting heat and keeping interiors cool. 
  • Offers 99 percent protection against skin cancer-causing UV rays. Reduces, if not eliminates, sharp edges caused by concussive impact.

Total Eclipse can help you determine which security film is best for you and your property’s situation.

  • Clear safety and security films protect against physical damage while remaining almost invisible to tenants and visitors. 
  • Tinted Security Film provides all the same benefits as the clear film as well as providing privacy and up to 80% Heat Rejection. 
  • Exterior security film offers similar benefits to a typical security film but is installed on the outside of the building, which makes it ideal when interior access to the building is limited.

At Total Eclipse, our knowledgeable, service-focused professionals are here to help improve the security and stability of your property’s windows without sacrificing any benefits the windows offer. Total Eclipse can provide you with several options and also any additional information on the installation process. Contact us today to get started with your safety and security window film installation.

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