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The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Tinting

Safety is everyone’s concern. The chance of being a victim of property crime in Las Vegas is 1 in 34. With Las Vegas’s burglary and theft rates at nearly double the national average, it is more important than ever to provide security and protection for your home, family, building, business, belongings, and private/sensitive information.


When assessing your home, business, or vehicle for possible weaknesses, a miscreant will always search for the easiest path to entry, which is typically glass. Building and vehicle windows are easily compromised and make prime targets for criminals. Fortunately, thanks to advances in window tint film, you can turn a security flaw into a strength and deter prospective thieves.


Why You Need Window Tinting to Increase Your Safety And Security


Why should you consider window tinting to increase safety? Well, the FBI estimates that close to 7.7 million property crimes took place in the U.S. back in 2017. Larceny-theft was the most common, accounting for 71.7% of all reported property crimes. Burglary ranks second, at 18.2%. In fact, there’s simply no such thing as “too much security” for your home, business or vehicle.  Every four seconds, a property crime happens. That crime’s next victim can be your home, place of business or vehicle.


But how will window tinting stop break-ins? Don’t most of these crimes happen at night? We bet you aren’t aware that break-ins are more likely to happen during the day than at night. In fact, that’s exactly what happens. Let’s use the 2015 crime reports to prove that.


In 2015 there were 6% more break-ins that happened between 6 AM and 6 PM than late at night. The most likely reason for this is because people tend to lower their guards when the sun’s up. Criminals then take advantage of this “lessened security” to catch their victims unaware. You may even think your workplace is safe with all those people working in it. Buy a crafty criminal will find an opportunity in that too. A criminal may take advantage of the fact that everyone is hard at work and won’t notice what’s going on around them.


The bottom line is, most thieves and burglars will take any opportunity they can get. Over 80% of property criminals admitted they’d check for signs of security first. If they discover anything that makes their target more secure, like office window tinting, they’d move on to a new victim. That’s why it’s important to take away those “opportunities” and keep them away from your home or business. Properly installed window tinting products make an excellent crime deterrent. They can take your home, business or vehicle’s level of safety and security to the next level. Here’s how.


How Window Tinting Can Protect You


Window Tinting Makes Glass Hard to Shatter

Tinting adds a new layer to your window, which results in the glass becoming stronger and harder to break. That fact alone can deter would-be thieves and burglars because they’ll think it’s too much of a hassle. These law-breakers want to get in and out of your property as quickly as possible and anything that will prevent them from doing that will make them think twice. If they have to spend more time breaking a tinted window, there’s a higher chance of them getting caught in the act.


Window Tinting Keeps Shattered Glass in Place

If a burglar or thief isn’t deterred by the harder to break glass, even if they were successful in putting cracks in it, the tint will keep the shards of glass in place. That means they would have to spend even more time trying to get into your property and gives you more time to contact the authorities.


At night, window tinting can lend support to your home or business security system. Tinted windows work great with glass sensors, which notify authorities of possible break-ins.


Keep Things for Your Eyes Only

Privacy is important. In today’s world where digital privacy seems like a thing of the past, it’s more important than ever to retain your physical privacy in your home, business or vehicle. If your windows allow anyone to see into your home or office, your security is at risk. Bare windows may already be affording passers-by momentary access to your life or sensitive information. People may be able to see you or your family in private situations or even witness you input your security credentials into your computer. Potential thieves and burglars also see exactly what’s available to be stolen, such as expensive furniture or gadgets.


However, window tinting is not just for windows. It can be used on any glass in the office or home. It can be used to not only give privacy from passers-by on the street, but it can afford privacy indoors to meeting rooms, and private offices. In homes, it can be used on glass partitions to separate kitchens from dining rooms or even on shower doors to give privacy with a look of frosted glass or other decorative tints to not only give privacy but to add beauty as well.


Improve Your Home or Business Security With High-Quality Window Tinting in Las Vegas

These are only some of the benefits window tinting can provide to your home, business or vehicle, but they should be enough for you to get tinting installed as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the safer and more secure your home or workplace will be for everyone. Learn more about our commercial, residential and automotive window tinting services to match your needs. Give us a call today and see what we can do to keep you and your business, home, and car safe!