vegas golden knights window film

Vegas Golden Knights Studio Window Film

When the Vegas Golden Knights needed a trusted source to install a unique window film in their pre and postgame studio at the City National Arena, they called on Total Eclipse/ NV Tint for their expertise and wide assortment of window films. We don’t just do window tint, but we also have other solutions for window coverings that will help with the harsh Nevada desert sun, or business solutions for the Las Vegas Valley’s unique requirements as in the Vegas Golden Knights case.

The specifications for the Vegas Golden Knights stated that the media crew needed something that would limit the natural light and artificial light at the same time, in order to have the perfect picture for the fans at home watching the games. We were able to work with the video and studio crew to get a special temperature 3M window film that would allow for the certain light specification to reflect best on camera of the TV personalities that you know Gary Lawless, Mike McKenna and Daren Millard.

vegas golden knights tv studio

Over the course of two weeks we demonstrated and experimented with a multitude of window films that met the spectrum of requirements by the studio lighting and camera crews in the Golden Knights studio. We quickly agreed on the perfect film and installed it at the convenience of the studio operation hours as we are accustomed to doing with all of our clients. We did a few test broadcast takes and our 3M film selection hit the nail on the head.

What you see now when you tune into your Vegas Golden Knights is the work of our Total Eclipse Window tinting team working diligently to obtain precise lighting for Las Vegas’ favorite Vegas Born team. Please contact us to find the window film solution that you need for your business or residence.