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What are the Most Common Types of Window Tint Films?

Over the years, window tint films have evolved to suit a wide variety of needs and applications. From budget-friendly dyed versions to top-of-the-line heat-reduction films, window tinting is a stylish, inexpensive, and easy way to enhance your personal spaces. Tinting not only offers increased security by preventing onlookers from peering within, but it also helps to keep the heat from the sun at bay.  

When considering window tint pricing in Las Vegas, it’s important to choose the right type of film for the job. Highlighted below are some of the most common varieties of window tinting Las Vegas residents prefer for staying cool in the hot sun. By choosing the right one for your needs, you’ll be on your way to saving money and staying cool in no time!

Dyed-Tint Film

By far the most affordable on the market, it’s also the least helpful in terms of stopping UV light. Dyed-tints are created by filling the surfaces of a film with a colored dye as it becomes trapped between the adhesive and window. As this layer absorbs a small amount of solar heat, it can offer some valuable heat reduction. Though these films serve primarily to add or enhance aesthetic value, from afar they can appear to be quite dark, nearing opaque. The enhanced privacy and low-cost make dyed-tints well-suited for vehicle applications.

Metallized Window Film

By embedding tiny particles of metal within the window film, these forms of tint offer enhanced strength to the windows they cover, making them more secure and resistant to shattering. However, those microscopic metal bits interfere with electronic devices like your cell phone as they disturb and distort signals that pass through the layers. This interference, combined with the increased expense, means that metalized films are typically better suited for homes and commercial buildings.

Ceramic-Based Films

The cream of the crop concerning films, ceramic films are the most expensive of the bunch. Ceramic films rely on particles of ceramic buried deep within the film to reduce heat from the sun. They’re also better at blocking UV rays than other varieties. The bond created between the ceramic and the film also adds a backbone of integrated strength that helps increase security and prevent shattering. As there’s no metal within to block sensitive electronics, these films are well suited to any number of applications that demand high-quality window film.  

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