commercial window tinting benefits

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

For brick and mortar businesses, when this question comes up, it’s often a matter of aesthetic preference. Other times, it’s a privacy issue. Should you showcase all the goodies the business has to offer? That new red dress on sale is sure to catch a customer’s eye! Or should you focus on providing privacy for customers and employees?

Whether you manage a high-rise building or own a mom-and-pop shop, chances are you’ve wondered about the pros and cons of commercial window tinting before. The decision to add tinting could be one that saves you for the future. So, here’s why it may just be one of the best business decisions you ever make.


If your business has mostly glass walls facing the streets, this is an excellent opportunity to use decorative tints to showcase your logo, menu, or your mascot. Not only does this help you advertise, but it also improves your curb appeal. This is especially important if you provide a service rather than a product, and would not have fancy dresses or the lingering scent of coffee and pastries to lure customers in.


Many service businesses also require privacy—and lots of it. This is especially important for businesses in law, medicine, insurance, and finance. Tinted windows help companies to protect the identity of their clients and the specifics of the work conducted inside. Even restaurants which otherwise showcase their delicacies may often prefer tinted windows if they serve higher-end clientele who don’t wish to be seen or recognized by passers-by.


Office spaces flooded with sunshine from windows reaching up from the floor to ceiling creates a light, airy workspace. However, for those who work in these offices, one of the most annoying disadvantages is the glare the light creates on the screen of computers, tablets, and cell phones. Depending on how heavy the tint, tinted windows can keep out up to four times as much UVA light as untinted windows, thus helping to solve this problem.

Energy Efficiency

Filtering out some of the sun’s rays not only makes for a more comfortable and effective work environment but it also reduces operating costs. According to Energy Star, small business owners cumulatively spend $60 billion per year on their energy bills. One of the program’s longstanding solution for business owners is to control how much sunlight gets into the workspace all year round, to prevent heat gain in summer and heat loss in the winter.

Asset Protection

Sunlight may also cost business owners money by damaging wooden furniture, luxuriously soft rugs, and even your sophisticated artwork. These are expensive assets to replace, especially for businesses that must maintain a high-end appearance. So, help to protect them by tinting your windows.

Quick Installation

Does window tinting sound like a good upgrade option for your business? The good news is that compared to other upgrades, like new floors or repainted walls, business window tinting is usually a quick process. If you live in or around the Las Vegas area, save yourself the trouble of Googling “commercial window tinting near me.”

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